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Janitorial Services at your corporate office. Duties include daily services such as floor-care and floor cleaning ie: vacuuming or mopping, emptying trash and trash disposal, high-dusting and furniture, restroom cleaning, and breakroom cleaning.

Because first impressions are everything, the cleanliness of your store will entice people to enter, stay, and spend their money. Its all about the details, taking in each element to ensure a spotless outcome.

A clean, sanitized industrial building such as a warehouse or production facility, where safety comes first.

Keeping education facilities clean is not only important for general maintenance, but for the overall effectiveness of the environment.

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A well-maintained floor is important for any space. Keeping the flooring in intact is often more complicated than simply vacuuming and mopping.

Cleaning a medical facility, not only requires a license and proper certification, but also close attention to detail and respect for privacy.

After investing in remodelling or building new offices, you want your building to be in pristine condition for the new tenants. Gleam N Clean will remove the dust and debris that construction companies leave behind and leave the interior looking clean and smelling fresh. Post-construction cleanup requires special techniques to ensure the dust doesn’t return.

It is easy for the dirt and germs to build up without regular and thorough cleanings. We take the time to ensure that every aspect of religious facilities look their best and are ready for services.

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